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Edy & Nina

Hi, we are Edy and Nina. An engineer in love with details, with a thousand creative ideas running through his head, continuously supported by his muse, responsible for inspiration, good food, and mood.
We are two enthusiasts in love with travel, goth music, and of course, motorcycles. We enjoy every moment, we can spend designing, manufacturing, or fine-tuning details of new parts, and of course, every spare moment spent in the saddle.

Made in Berlin


Heizkörper Modifications Edy Heizkorp Berlin KTM Teile

Heizkörper Modifications

Mods for your KTM.

Cockpit and navigation / Ergonomics / Fender Brackets


+49 (0) 179 - 11 52 496

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Edward Springmann